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(1) In drought-challenged California many airports and FBOs have restricted water use for aircraft cleaning. To adapt and support these efforts we have switched – as many major airlines and aircraft manufacturer have as well – to a wet or waterless cleaning process. This method involves a minimal amount of water and solvents with no runoff. Our products are biodegradable and meet Boeing Aircraft Cleaning Specs. Exterior D6-17487P, Interior D6-7127M, AirBus AIMS 09-00-002 and McDonnell Douglass CDS #1.

(2) Initial cleaning of interior or exterior degrease can range from base price up to $100 over base pending evaluation.

(3) Larger aircraft will be quoted on case by case.

Did you know?

If your aircraft has a management contract with P3air LLC your wash will be free.*

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301 Moved Permanently