We can help you with your 14 CFR Part 135 certificate

14 CFR Part 135 certification
In most cases, if an operator provides air transportation of persons or property for compensation or hire, the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) require that a commercial operating part 135 certificate be issued. Operators of business aircraft that wish to conduct operations for compensation or hire are generally certificated under Part 135 of the FARs. As a certificate holding entity, the operator must comply with a number of FAA requirements regarding areas such as flight operations, maintenance and training.
Given the limitations on operations for compensation under Part 91, coupled with the potential for streamlining Part 135 certification and obtaining a deviation from the manual, training and management requirements of Part 135, some corporate operators may find a Part 135 certificate an attractive option. But: What does it really take to start a Part 135 operation?
  • General Operations Manual (GOM)
  • Maintanace Manual (GMM)
  • Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)
  • Training Programs & Manual
  • HazMat Manual
  • Safety Management System
  • Aircraft Compliance
  • Minimum Equipment List
  • Insurance
  • Econonic Authority
  • Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Proving and Validation
  • TSA Program Requirements
Our Support for Your Current or Future 14 CFR Part 135 Operation

Operators who want to increase utilization of their aircraft often don’t know where to begin or whether the effort is worthwhile. Gaining insight from the FAA is also crucial–what problems do the Feds see and what would help streamline the process from their perspective?

P3AIR LLC can help you with your 14 CFR Part 135 certificate.

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